Serpentine Dinning table (1/4)


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This table is rented in quarter. It is made of superior golden stainless steel and a glass top. Highly recommended for weddings and special events. Each quarter can seat up to 8 people. 4 quarter pieces can be combined to make a round table. Perfect for wedding to seat VIP guests such as bride and groom.

  • Application: Wedding and special events
  • Materiel: stainless steel / Glass
  • Color: Gold
  • Style: superior
  • Dimension:  L: 59 inches x W 93 inches x H 30 inches

* This price does not include delivery and setup fees (when required)

** All rentals are subject to availability. 

** Product product appearance may slightly vary from the picture due to ware and tear. We welcome you to come take a look at the product before renting.